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tv   ABC2 News Good Morning Maryland 5AM  ABC  February 18, 2013 5:00am-5:30am EST

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maryland campus. a country music star is dead by her own hands. we have the new details about the death of mendy mccready. a term you will hear a lot. sequestration. the latest hot button phrase out of washington. we will explain what it means for you on this monday morning. good monday morning. hope awed great weekend and thanks for joining us. i am megan pringle alongside lynette charles and lauren cook is looking at traffic. now is a good time to leave. >> reporter: yes. so far so good on the road. and i am tracking delays but tomorrow it could be tricky. >> tomorrow could be tricky because we will deal with a wintery mix. go out and go to the sales today but bundle up as you head out. let's show you the -- head out let's show you the temperatures. 18 at ellicott city. not only do we have just the cold weather but we are dealing with breezing. it's not as bad as over the
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weekend, but when it's this cold you want the wind to be calm and that's he not the situation this morning the in ellicott city wind out of the northwest at 5 miles an hour and more of the same in pylesville. 17 degrees and we have the winds light out of the northwest about2 miles an hour but making it feel like we are 15 and 11degrees. look at glen burnie at 20 degrees with the wind out of the northwest. and it feels like 11 degrees outside. so make sure you bundle up as you step out and about. let's look at the radar because we are dry. this is going to be the silver lining for today. we are not dealing with any wintery mix as of yet. we will stay dry going through time and we will have change in the forecast. now let's look at the graphics because i want to show you as you plan your day what to he can spt. waking up -- expect. waking up around 6 or 7, 22 degrees. 28 heading into 9:00 today. and only 35 degrees by lunchtime. that high temperature coming in at 38. let's check the abc2 timesaver traffic with lauren cook.
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>> reporter: good morning. it's freezing right now. you will need to rank the-- crank the heat in the car. in howard county, this is interstate 70 at columbia pike. nothing in your way west towards frederick or east towards 695. and here's a live look at the beltwaych the northwest corner here -- beltway. the northwest corner here, will take you 7 minutes to travel outer loop from 795 to 70. and as we look at the other abc2 timesaver traffic drive times notice rest of the beltway in great shape on the east side. you are looking at 11 minutes on the outer loop from 95 up to 83. the inner loop will be clear down to 95. and no concerns on 95 in white marsh. it's going to take 4 minutes to travel from route 43 down to the beltway. megan over to you. a student, a music lover and son this morning the family of a maryland college student is speaking out. their loss as police right now are looking into who could be responsible. abc2 news sherrie johnson has more on a family struggling to
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understand why. sherie. >> reporter: -- sherrie. >> reporter: family and friends are in shock over his death. he was a junior biology major and wand to be a doctor and what love for music and rapping. he was killed on the university of maryland eastern shore and his brother and cousin tried to console his mother. they were with him when the attack happened saturday night. his younger brother says he was driving a car on campus when edmond got out and approached a group of men. it was a altercation and st. clair was stabbed. homicide investigators are looking for three suspects. the witnesses say they didn't recognize the men. but police think the stabbing followed an ongoing dispute. edmond's brother and cousin were visiting for the weekend and saw the whole incident. >> he was like they just stabbed me and i was like for real and he said yeah and he showed me the hand and i looked at his chest and i was like man don't tell meow got he said yeah i got stabbed my heart.
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>> reporter: the university put out a statement saying the emergency notification system was activated immediately. police are working with the vague description of the suspect. police are not sure if suspects were students on campus. sherrie johnson, abc2 news. local democratic party leaders in baltimore have nominated nina harper to the democrat central committee sent the name to a full central committee as the nominee to represent the 45th district. harrison passed away earlier this month and she was 84 years old. now to a developing story out of baltimore county where a waiting -- where we are awaiting charges associated with the north flea market. more than dozen vendors are accused of selling fake products. some of the shoppers said they saw ravens merchandise taken away. police say the raid was on
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individual vendors and the flea market is not shutting down. what happens when you need to trip the budget budget? you make -- budget? you make sacrifices. linda so is live to explain what this means for you. linda. >> reporter: well, it means come march 1st if congress doesn't strike a deal you could see drastic cuts that will affect everything from your child's education, the military and how long you have to wait in line to get through airport security. this is all part of that scaled back fiscal cliff deal congress passed at the beginning of the year. at the time they agreed to postpone across the board spending cuts by two months. now the deadline is almost here and less than two weeks away and if they can't reach a deal by march 1st, massive cuts aimed at reducing the deficit at 1.2trillion dollars will go
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into effect. federal agencies would face 85 billion in cuts that could lead to furloughs for as many as 2 million workers. it would have a drastic effect on the militariy. last week democrats proposed delaying the cuts once again. but republicans are saying no way. >> we are here because the president back in the last session of congress refused to cut spending in anyplace and therefore we wound up with this sequester. >> reporter: now you will hear that word a lot sequester and washington is referring to the spending cuts due on march 1st. linda so, abc2 news. 6 minutes after 5 right now. there's sad news in the world of country music. star mendy mccready was -- mindy mccready was found dead on her front porch in her home of apparent suicidep she battled addiction and mental illness. her boyfriend died in what was a suicide last week. she was treat on celebrity rehab and she struggled
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following her boyfriend's death admitting herself to a psychiatric facility. >> she game o-- became so fearful of the stigma and the way people were responding to her being hospitalized she checked herself out prematurely and we have what we have. >> she leaves behind a 6-year- old son and a 10-month-old son. if you need to update your kitchen or get a newarking man, today is the day -- washing machine, today is the day to do -- it. a list of products available on the comp trol are's website to check it out for the tax free weekend. the russian meteor caused damage to buildings and injured people. but that's for others it's making money. how people are cashing in. and a story that would break
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your heart. a baby who needs a heart has her donation fund stolen. how it could happen and if there's word on arrest being made. details straight ahead. >> and temperatures are below average but they will be again above average. i will tell you when that happens coming up. >> reporter: there's nothing to get in your way on 95 at eastern avenue. but we are dealing with a crash in dundalk. i will have the details and i will show you the other main lines coming up on good morning maryland.
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it's 11 minutes after 5. the fallout continues from the massive immediateor -- meteor that came crashing to earth in russia many we learned it was traveling at 46,000 miles per hour when it crash. it exploded in midair and scattered valuable fragments worth big money for anyone who find it. the debris is worth 100 to 100,000 dollars depending on the size. so-called meteor pieces are showing up on e-bail going for 49 0 dollars but experts are saying buyer beware. round two in new england as
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another winter storm hit the town. driving was dangerous in boston as snow if he code -- fell coating the roads and bridges. up to 4 inches fell and in cape cod more than half a foot was expected. the region has snow on the ground from the week before when they had another blizzard. that's what they are seeing in the northeast and let's see what we are facing. you did say get ready because the weather could change. >> it will as we go through tonight and tomorrow. more details on that coming up. but let's get out the door this morning. because it's cold out there. look at the 16 in manchester and your actual temperatures. glen burnie at 20. fallston is at 20 and more of the same in chestertown and cambridge at 23. then we throw in the winds and they are light. we can see about 7 in glen burnie and 7 in manchester. 2 in shady side. 15 northeast. so, you know what this add up to be. a feels like 6 in manchester
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right now. so this is what you are dressing for as you head out the door. dressing for the 11 in glen burnie and 6 in northeast and 14 in chestertown. let's go over to graphics so i can show you what's going on because we are waiting for this system to work et cetera way in here. as it does so it will bring the mix going through time. so spending of going through time, let's check out abc2's most accurate future trend. i will put it in motion and you can see around this time tomorrow we will see a little bit of change in the forecast. there it comes out of the wet working its way towards the east. there's the snow and the rain. all this will lift up to the north and together we will have a wentry icy -- within they icy mix -- within theory ice -- wintery icy mix and we will do it all over again. we will show outseven-day. this is what we are -- you the seven-day. this is what we are working for today. 38 degrees by wednesday and the 7-day forecast brings another wintery mix friday night into saturday. let's check the abc2
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timesavertraffic. >> reporter: 2 degrees manchester? it's freezing this morning. and we do start the day off with a crash in baltimore county. it's in dundalk on wise avenue and merit boulevard. on 695, the key bridge is nice and clear and up to parkville at har foreroad -- harford road, everything is moving along. 11 minutes from 83 to the 5 -- 95 and the outer loop will be nice and clear. head downing town, 83 no delays. just 11 minutes traveling southbound from the beltway to east fayette street. let's look at your abc2 timesaver traffic. changing your child's behavior could be as easy as changing the channel. swapping out violent programming for those with healthy messages can improve preschoolers behavior. researchers report 6 months after families reduced their kids exposure to violent filled programming without changing
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the number of viewing hours kids demonstrated significant improved behavior. an instant -- infant heart patient is the very many of a heartless thief. 9-year-old -- 9-month-old jalyn anderson was diagnosed with an infection in her heart and now she is in icu awaiting a heart transplant which is hard to find for a baby. her family was collecting donations for the the treatment but on valentine day her grandfather was robbed of 3,000 dollars in donations. >> they stopped and locked the truck out and went back out and everything was stolen. the money and everything. it was devastating you know. we were in shock. it was like wow, are you serious who could do that? >> although devastated by the theft family is not letting it get them down and are focusing on jaylin and hoping she will
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get a heart soon. we will particular tell youwhy the creators of maker's mark will keep it the same. prince hairy is coming back to america for the first time since the scandalous pictures came out in las vegas. what he is doing this time when he visits the united states. >> here's a video that is sure to have you talking today. this video is beautiful and posted online by solomon and shows the benefits of forest fires and it shows us amazing -- [audio not understandable] >> this is great to show how beneficial forest fires are.
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. >> the rest of the field will be set to qualifying races for thursday. patrick is in the first full year as nascar sprint cup driver and last year she made 10 sprint cup starts. prince harry is coming back to america. this time it will be different he will attend engagements inseveral states as an official ambassador for the british government. program that pairs police officeers were social -- officers with social workers. how the thought is it will help
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keep people safe and get the care they need. and the child was gunned down now she is fighting for more gun control and we will show you a advertisement urging congress to act fast. >> reporter: topping america's money gas prices are soaring now at 3.71 a gallon an increase of 13 cents in the past week. and gas prices are usually low this time of year. oil prices are also up but there's no reason why. beef prices are going up. possibly as much as 10% by the summer. american cattle herds are at the smallest since the decade because feed prices are up. airline fares are not going up. delta raised the prices last week but no other carrier went along. so delta rolled back the fare hike. spending of rollbacks marker's mark bourbon will not reduce alcohol content after a public outcry. they admits they are stretching the supply by adding water was mistakes and the latest of die- hard movie opened at top of the box office. a good day to die-hard took in
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25 million dollars and that's america's money i am diana perez. have a good day.
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you're watching the station that works for you. now good morning maryland. >> they apologized over and over but sorry is not enough. how a passenger from the cruise ship is making the company pay. a texas town is hanging onto hope after a fire take the lives of two firefighters and seriously injuries two more. from fiscal cliff to sequester. how this new political buzz word could impact you and your family and be aware because you are going to hear he that word a lot. -- hear that word allot.
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details straight ahead. thanks for joining us hope you had a great weekend. i am megan pringle. charley crowson is off but lynette charles is here and will tell you bundle up this morning and get ready because things are about to change. >> you are right. it's cold out there this morning. we are talking about temperatures that are in the teens. these are the actual temperatures. we have not thrown in the winds. we are looking at glenelg at 15. 17 in reisterstown and sykesville at 18. and with the winds out of the northwest at a -- 5 to 10 miles an hour it feels like 9 or 10 or 11 degrees. a lot colder than that. bundle up as you head out and about. we are dry, this is going to be the silver lining for today. if you don't want the wintery mix or snow, and i say that because if we had the morning what we will get tomorrow morning it would have been all snow. it's dry right now. but as we go through time we will see a change in the forecast. speaking of that forecast, let's show you the graphics. this is what we ar


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